Believe it or not, this site is not the only place on the Internet to find out cool
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hat into the ring.  Here are a few.

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Game Publishers

White Wolf.  White Wolf is the creator of the World of Darkness modern
horror series of games, as well as a number of other games in a variety of genres.

Wizards of the Coast.  Wizards of the Coast is the best-known publisher of
roleplaying games, being the current owner of Dungeons and Dragons.

Chaosium.  Chaosium is most famous as the publisher of the Call of Cthulhu
roleplaying game.  They also produce a variety of other gaming products,
including the English version of Nephilim
and their own Basic RolePlaying.

Palladium Books.  Palladium is known best known for their high-power future
fantasy game Rifts, but their "Megaverse" is also home to many other games,
such as the Palladium Fantasy RPG
and Beyond the Supernatural.

Green Ronin.  Green Ronin is the publisher of Mutants and Masterminds, the
premier D20 super-hero RPG, as well as their universal D20 game True20
numerous other products.

West End Games
Malhavoc Press
Mongoose Publishing
Great White Games
Atlas Games
TriTac Games
Iron Crown Enterprises
Steve Jackson Games
Dork Storm Press

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